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As we all are well aware of the fact that the subject of the law is an essential element of legal relations in all branches, although its status is specified in each branch. In civil legal relations, citizens are physical persons and state organs and public organizations are juridical persons. In administrative legal relations, the subjects of law are state organs, officials, and citizens. In recognizing the citizen as a subject of law, the state defines his legal status, which describes his relation to the state, the organs of the state, and other persons of the state.

Subjects that fall under the subject of the Law are:

Constitutional Law – This subject covers the body of law which defines the roles and powers, structures, and entities within a nation.

Corporate Law – This subject is the body of law governing the rights, relations, and conducts of persons, companies, organizations, and businesses in a nation.

Administrative Law – This subject deals with the role of courts in Regulatory State, History and Modern Methods of Regulation, Study of Pathologies of Administration, etc.

Human Rights Law – The subject covers International Conventions, Detention, exiles, Racial Discrimination, Minorities, etc.  

Family Law – The subject deals with the Issues of Divorce, Legal Support, Domestic Contracts, Matrimonial Property Rights, Custody, Access, etc.

Criminal Law – The subject deals with the Law and Personal Liberties, Transgressions Rights, Liberties and Responsibilities, etc.


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