Some people wonder if it is still important to have good grammar. With the advent of the spell checker, online dictionaries, and grammar checkers in word processing programs, devices correct grammar mistakes, so you don't need to know all grammar rules, unlike your father. However, there are several general reasons that grammar is important for everyday use.

Just as the skeleton is that framework on which the body's muscles, tissues, and organs rest, grammar is the base on which words, verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc., are based to form coherent and understandable sentences for others.

Below are some points that will tell us why grammar is so important in the English language.

Consistency when expressing yourself

Some people say they speak English, but they say things that have little to do with what they think or want to say when they talk.

Most of the time, this is not caused by vocabulary mistakes but by grammatical errors.

If you want a connection between what you think and what you say, you better dedicate yourself to developing your English grammar.

Better grades

The professors would frown upon an assignment written in broken language, even with valid information, relevant stats, and research. It would fail to impress despite spending a lot of time in preparation.

If you do not want something like this happening to you, you should work on your grammar or use a good grammar checker to check your assignment before submitting it.

Social acceptance

Unfortunately, many natives do not tolerate conversing with people who do not master their language well, either because they consider it boring and they have no patience or because they find it offensive that the person they speak to does not make an effort to express themselves better.

We can find this type of people in many places, such as at a party, in the staff who attend us in a commercial establishment, in the subway or bus, etc.

But it is much worse if it comes to co-workers since our lack of resources to express ourselves well in English can form a barrier and create communication or work problems with them.

Job improvements

When we have a good command of English grammar, we can communicate appropriately, and we will have an image of being educated, organized and disciplined people.

This is a great attraction when looking for a job or competing for promotion in our work.

A person who shows up at an office for a job interview with a good command of English will surely score a point in favor that will be taken into account.

Taking advantage of opportunities

Nobody likes doing business with ignorant and careless people. We sometimes meet people with whom we could start some business or beneficial relationship in our social life.

If we are in an English-speaking country, our level of English could determine the success or failure of establishing this type of relationship.

Just as our wardrobe is important in business, the way we express ourselves is part of that cover letter that everyone will see when he or she meets us.

If we master English grammar well, we can take advantage of the opportunity to meet a possible partner to start a venture that could bring high profits in the future.

Find a partner

Suppose we want to find a suitable partner for us in an English-speaking country. In that case, we have to know that intelligence, preparation, and studies can pleasantly impress the person we are interested in.

In addition, if we are in a social gathering and we see someone who interests us, we will have to find a way to have a pleasant and enjoyable conversation with them. Still, if we do not know how to express ourselves in English, the obstacles we will encounter could throw everything at risk.

Have more fun

Not everything has to be so serious when it comes to English grammar.

If we master this part of the language well, we will better understand the movies we see in the cinema or on television since the subtitles often do not fully conform to what the actors say.

Another thing that would make us have fun times is music. By understanding well what the singers say, we can better enjoy their melodies and sing those songs that we love so much.

Mastering grammar also allows us to enjoy a good book, novel, or short story. English literature has a world of adventures and emotions that we would overlook if we did not master the grammar well.

Tips to improve your English grammar

Now we will give some suggestions to achieve that command of English grammar that we have been talking about. Let's see:

Solve exercises

English teaching books, whether courses or explanatory guides, usually bring a series of grammar exercises, like those in which you must fill in spaces or make the selection of an alternative.

These exercises are efficient since they make us think and, in addition, they raise those doubts that we did not know we had.

For these exercises to really have an effect, they must be accompanied by their corresponding answer sheets to measure our results.

Spend time on the grammar daily

The part of English grammar is usually the part that causes the most fear or annoyance to students.

Many prefer to practice pronunciation or learn new vocabulary, leaving grammar for later.

If we want our English to be solid, we have to spend some time daily studying its grammar.

In this sense, textbooks are of great help, although we should not leave aside other modern resources such as explanatory videos, computer programs, etc.

Learn in stages

Although the comparison seems a bit strange, English is very similar to mathematics in learning it.

That is, English can be learned in stages or steps, depending on the level and difficulty.

The first steps are straightforward, and the grammar constructions are very easy to learn.

Little by little, we go up the ladder, and we will see that everything we learn depends on what we have seen previously.

English is a really easy language to learn if it is done in an organized and structured way.

Chat with people

Every time we learn something new concerning English grammar and vocabulary, it is a perfect idea to put it into practice as quickly as possible so that it is indelibly recorded in our memories.

There are several ways to practice what we have learned, for example, chatting in English.

There are many chat rooms in English on the internet where we can enter and make contacts to practice the language. It would be highly recommended to make a daily routine when it comes to chatting.

Chat is an excellent tool for practicing our writing in English, as many questions are asked and answered during each session.

In addition, the topics that are touched are not very deep or technical since they are usually day-to-day things.

The other way to practice grammar is by speaking English with native speakers or people who are fluent in the language.

We can join a conversation group on a website, social network, or English club near our home.

Why do you need a grammar checker?

Learn and correct grammar

We have listed many benefits of learning grammar. But, one big and obvious method to learn, improve and rectify grammar is to use a grammar checker.

Whatever you write, just use a grammar checker, and you will immediately know most of the grammar errors in your document.

You would know the grammar errors that recur and start working on them.

It is also helpful when you have to send an email, document, or submit an assignment.

When you have a grammar checker, you do not need to run the risk of sending a text that includes silly grammar mistakes.

Enhance readability

It would be best to write daily, whether by sending an email, writing your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter, or writing a formal letter. For your writing to be fluent and legible, you must communicate clearly and use correct grammar; this includes proper punctuation, which can make a difference in the meaning of a sentence. Some typical examples are "A woman: without her, man is nothing" and "A woman, without her man, is nothing."

Selection of words

Selecting the right word or words to convey a message can make the difference between a boring message and a powerful one. The specific connotations and denotations of words greatly influence the perspective of the reader or listener. This can be seen when you think of the emotional impact of words like "skinny," "slim," and "skeletal." While each of these words means almost the same thing, the sentiment behind each one varies significantly.

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