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Google is considered one of the best American companies related to internet-based technology. Motivation means drive that comes from inside to engage in an adaptive environment. Google is recognized for motivating its employees and that is the reason why Google is placed in the records of the Fortune 500. Google comes 5 times at the top rank in Fortune magazine. However, the question arises that what different and unique Google serves its employees that they always work and stand out against all the top companies.


  1. WORK CULTURE OF GOOGLE: - Basically, the company’s top management has set certain philosophies to work on. These are as under: -

          “To create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world.”

           “It’s less about the aspiration to be No. 1 in the world, and more that we want our    employees and future employees to love it here, because that’s what’s going to make us successful.”

Basically, the company employees focus on producing innovative and creative products for the customers and the founder believes that proper respect is given to all the employees who use their minds for creating innovative products for the company. Once the founder of the company fixed a meeting with SAS institute, which also ranks at the number one position for employees’ sustainability and effective growth. After meeting, the founder of Google concluded that if the employees are appreciated for their efforts, they would definitely improve their output.

  1. WAYS TO MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES: - There are certain ways to improve the level of motivation among employees and these are as under: -
  1. Astounding incentives, perks and health benefits to employees: - The company serves ample incentives and other benefits for their employees so that they become habitual of these advantages. The main benefits that the company provides to its employees are as under: -
  1. Recover legal spending of employees up to $50,000.
  2. Maternity benefits to all the female staff members such as 18 weeks off and salary for that period.
  3. If any employee wants to adopt any child, the company would provide funds for that.
  4. Healthy lunch and dinner is served to all the employees.

One doctor, a gym for employees’ fitness and laundry service is given to all the employees.

2.) Consider the views of employees: - In Google, all the employees are given the authority to raise their voice so that they realize their importance:-

  • Employees can exchange their ideas and views with anyone in the organization if any action is required through GOOGLE+ conversation and e-mail.
  • Every Friday, the employees’ forum is given to all the employees for asking the most asked questions.
  • A survey form is given to all the employees regarding the problem faced by employees and they voluntarily give their acceptance to resolve it with the help of their team members.


3.) Transparency: -All the employees that are working at Google are valued. The company believes in sharing all the secrets and confidential reports among all the employees. Every quarter, Google’s director shares everything with their employees regarding the plans and issues that exist in the company. So, all employees brainstorm and find a conclusion to that problem.

4.)  Flexibility: - In Google, employees are given full permission to work according to their will. For example- if they want to work from the office or home, they can do it. On days they don’t feel like working, they can take an off without any issue. In addition to this, they are not restricted to wearing formal clothes and can wear whatever they feel comfortable wearing.

5.) Organize extra-curricular activities:- At Google, employees are given ample chances to participate in extra-curricular activities so that they remain physically fit and don’t get bored with the same tasks. In the extra-curricular activities, they get a chance to participate in basketball, volleyball and climbing matches.

6.)   Availability of food around them: - Food is available to all the employees at their nearby locations. The headquarter of Google’s office is situated near all the restaurants. Google also provides the facility of microwaves. The convenience makes the employees comfortable in getting everything at their places.

7.)  Creative Design of the office: - The office is designed in a way that helps employees use their full potential so that output is generated. For instance, meeting rooms and conference rooms are designed like pubs. So, they don’t feel exhausted or fearful while coming into the meeting room for discussion.

8.) Continuous flow of work: - Employees of other organizations must wonder why Google remains at number one even after spending time on fun activities of employees. However, the conclusion adopted is Google is very sincere while recruiting employees. Achievements in the curriculum are taken into consideration while finalizing the employees in an organization.


  1. Creative products: - The environment that the organization creates for the employees gives them a strong will to work at their best. Moreover, the company opts for certain tactics to improve the creativity of employees like sudden meetings, changes in the work area, etc. These tactics help the employees show interest in the work area.
  2. No risk: - Google gives time to their employees to brainstorm ideas and work on them. And Google tests employees’ ideas and if the company likes them, then it would move forward. Otherwise, they leave it. This way, the risk is avoided.
  3. Work continuity:- Google gives its employees the freedom to choose work completion options. They can complete it in the office or do it via work from home. Ultimately, the company wants the work to be completed at any cost.

Thus, it is all about staff motivation in the tech industry- A solution for how the Google Company motivates its employees at its maximum.


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